13-year-old boy Joshua Aitan won the second edition of the 3D Kids Talent Hunt for high schools in Ibadan, Oyo state on Wednesday.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that Aitan, however, obtained 250,000 N and 50 kg of

Titan Farms in Nigeria has been producing rice for six months, among other things.

NAN also reports that the inaugural talent hunt was won by 11-year-old Ayomide Olubowale.

Valentina Oni, 16, from the private secondary school in Atanda district, took second place, with N 150,000 and 25 kg of rice to supply for six months.

Additionally, 18-year-old Zainab Oyetunji from Adifase High School came third and got N50,000, among other freebies.

NAN reports that the tournament was hosted by MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 5 runner-up Adetoun Oshodi.

However, no fever as 100 students from 70 schools in Oyo State, took part in the competition.

Elated Aitan told NAN he was thrilled to be the winner, despite the number of participants in the competition.

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The winner said he can only attribute his victory to God, the maker and finisher of everything.

“I’m so happy, because my dad is a pastor, and I came to the contest knowing that I will only sing the gospel songs, and I put all my hope in God.

“I am very happy that my God did not disappoint me, and he crowned my efforts with success,” he said.

Oshodi told NAN that his passion for children was behind the competition.

“I want to help them further harness their innate abilities and limitless potential, help them see the possibilities that accumulate in music and set them on the path to immense success.

“The competition was about discovering talent and developing it to its full potential.

“The projects of the winners are to promote them locally, and also, with the help of their parents, to help them start a career in music, as well as to present them in most of the local events in the city of Ibadan. .

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“My take on talent shows for kids is simple: I know most parents are afraid to allow their kids to be in the limelight because they are going to be assaulted.

“Most parents also feel that children are going to be exposed to things that they are not supposed to have access to, but I firmly believe that most of them need to know their talents,” she said. .

Oshodi then urged parents, whose children are interested in singing, to continue to encourage and support them to acquire more talents.

“No talent is wasted. They should also encourage them to focus and not give up on their dreams.

“I advise these future stars to know their strengths and weaknesses as it will help them focus their strength on particular aspects of entertainment and maximize their potentials,” she said. (NOPE)


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