Nigerian actor Stephen has sparked reaction on social media after a shocking revelation he made about his wife Vivian.

The actor revealed that his wife and her brother have been sleeping with each other in their matrimonial home.

According to him, his heart bled the day he found out. The aggrieved man said he never imagined that a married woman could be sleeping with her brother.

The actor went on to reveal that he is yet to recover from the shock of what he saw. According to him, his family wants him to forgive his wife.

He, however, noted that if he is to forgive h, he wants it to come from his heart and not forced. Stephen said he can’t even look her in the face.

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He also noted that his wife and her family are threatening his life as they want him to delete his post on social media.

Many reaction trailed the said revelation as seen below:

@ayo__mide_: “Just get back with your wife and work things out. Take her to therapy if that would help. This should not end things. You should be there for her now that things are not rosy. Be a good husband.”

thriftandstyles_: “Sad. But everything must not be on social media.” just4alarf: “When things are let out to the public, forgiveness is out the window.”

@_DeejustDee: “Mehn!!!!! This is hard, just let her go and your family shouldn’t interfere in whatever decisions you make you’re the one dealing with the trauma not them. That woman is a disgrace to womanhood and everything related to Godliness.”

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