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Ahmed Isah, the host of the Brekete Family, was caught on video slapping a man he accused of ‘writing names without his permission.'(Video)

by Totori News

Ahmed Isah, the founder and CEO of Brekete Radio and programme, also known as Ordinary President, was seen in another video that dates back to October 19, 2020, assaulting a man whom he accused of writing down some names without his permission.

In the video clip obtained by SaharaReporters, Ordinary President, who was visibly angry, was seen interrogating a young man who claimed he was collating the names of people for the Corporate Affairs Commission’s registration.

Isah, in the midst of the interrogation, paused and hit the young man in the face with his right palm.

The assaulted young man was also the one who apologised, saying he was sorry for what he had done.

Isah asked the young man, “You gather people and write their names?”

The young man replied, “I do not gather people, I came for CAC registration. You made an announcement this morning that there are people who dupe others based on the registration. As I came and saw that people were complaining about the cancellation of the registration, so we suggested that this Gwarimpa ward will go by people that are present here so we put their names here. I came here for the CAC, I am not the only one writing names there. I am the only here for the CAC registration, not Survival fund.”

Isah, who had by now, slapped the young man asked in anger, “Who commissioned you to write their names? Do you work for the CAC, or presidency or Chairman of the local government, who sent you?”

But as Isah slapped the man, the camera’s focus was immediately shifted elsewhere and did not capture Isah’s facial expression properly or that of the assaulted young man. However, some people in the audience had stood up, probably to calm Isah down.

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But Isah could be heard saying, “Excuse me, everybody, step back!”

At the end of the two-hour-long video, he said, “My apologies to all of you; to everyone watching all over the world, I am but a human being, I got provoked, I got angry because of what happened. I lost control because it had not been long I made an announcement and someone under my nose is doing what I warned against. I could have even pitied someone from afar but he summoned the courage…see the gate, see the place where he gathered people, why will he come near the gate? Please forgive me. Have you forgiven me? And I hope that the rest of the world will find a place in their hearts to forgive me. I remain the ordinary president of the extraordinary citizens of the global village.”

Isah was recently a subject of public criticism after a BBC documentary exposed how he assaulted a woman who appeared on his show.
A cross-section of Nigerians, including an association of female journalists, demanded a public apology from him.

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He later apologized and was later arrested and detained by the police.

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