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Divert infrastructure funds to eradicate insecurity– Abdulsalami

by Totori News

General Abdulsalam Abubakar, a former Head of State, has advised the Federal Government to prioritize security forces over infrastructure development in order to ensure the country’s peace.

According to Abdulsalam, there can be no country if there is no peace, and he emphasized the need for the government to halt all unnecessary development across the country and focus on security.

Abdulsalam made this statement after the Senate President, Ahmed Lawal, paid him a visit to express condolences over the death of Senator Sani Musa’s father, the Senator representing Niger East Senatorial District.

He said, “My suggestion is that due to the overstretching of our security forces, I think all the necessary funding should be given to the security forces. I suggest that we look at the unnecessary development issues in the country and do the needful to make life bearable and let us face this insecurity by diverting the necessary funding to secure peace in this country. If there is no peace, there will be no country.”

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Abdulsalam further prayed that those making life difficult for Nigerians would look at reasons why they need to give peace a chance.

The Senate President appreciated the advice of the elder statesman saying that the courage, resolve and determination of Nigerians would help the nation surmount its current challenges.

He said, “Every single hand is needed on deck today. As leaders, elected or appointed, we have responsibilities and obligation to the citizens. We need the support of the citizens as well to solve the numerous problems that Nigeria faces today.”

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