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I know you ask that question with a sincere and innocent mind without any harm. And, I also respond to ensure I don’t embarrass you but the next person you would ask may not be me.

This piece is to save you the embarrassment!

The right answer to the question “How was your night?” is absolutely none of your business if you’re not closely related to the person.

“How was your night ” In English Language means
“How was last night’s sex?”

“how was your night shift duty?”

“how is your health during the night hours?”

Whenever you ask this question in the morning to healthy people who are not in sickbed, you’re invariably inquiring about their sexual comfort/activities during the night or how their night shift went and it’s rude to ask such mostly if you’re not closely related to the person.

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Most people don’t take it lightly.

Basically, how was your night is normally asked to people who are receiving treatments in the hospital or people who are on night shift.

Naija has really mes.sed up with us. I know but you try alternatives like

Did you have a good night sleep?”
or “Did you sleep well?”

I believe you slept well? and
I guess you slept well?

I hope your night was good?
Hope you had a nice night?

Just any of the alternatives you find the more appropriate other than “How was your night?”.


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