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Exotic dancer, Korra Obidi‘s elder sister, Nancy Umeh, has shared screenshots of the messages she received from the 19-year-old woman her sister’s estranged husband, Justin Dean allegedly cheated on her with.

Korra and her sister had a Facebook Live session where Korra showed “receipts” as she accused Justin of cheating in the marriage and physically abusing her.

Justin, in his reaction, claimed he never physically assaulted Korra. According to him, Korra cheated with multiple men while she was 4 months pregnant with their second child. In a live video he did on his IG page, Justin further revealed that Korra had a threesome with two popular Nigerian artists while she was pregnant and gave the names of the artists. ICYMI

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In response to the allegation that he cheated with a 19-year-old Brazillian woman, Justin revealed that he’s only friends with the woman and that she was paid to say she had an affair with him.

However, in a new development, Nancy has shared receipts as she alleges Justin had an affair with the woman while he was still married to her sister Korra.

In one photo, Justin is seen posing with the woman identified as Gabby in June 2021, while Korra was pregnant with her second child.

Other screenshots shared shows Gabby’s chat narrating how she met Justin Dean and he introduced himself as Dr. Wade.

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In another screenshot, a contact said to be Justin Dean is seen telling Gabby that Korra is pregnant again. Gabby seemed upset about this and the contact saved as Justin said it was an “accident”.

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