Mr Macaroni, Nigerian comedian and film star, has appealed to stakeholders in the country’s entertainment industry who take undue advantage of budding actors’ career desperation to commit sexual assault to “have some decency”.

Social media has been awash with sexual assault talks as Baba Ijesha, actor, confessed to molesting a 14-year-old.

In a thread on Twitter, Macaroni heavily criticised industry players who seek sex in exchange for film roles.

“This is a perfect time to speak and appeal to the conscience of those in the industry who never give opportunities to upcoming artists until they sleep with them or collect money from them. Make una dey fear God!” he wrote.

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“‘Open your paynt, those before you did it too. If you want to help your career, come and suck me’. Where is our humanity? This has gone on for so long and it has even become a norm.

“You will see great Talents struggling simply because they refused to ‘suck’. This isn’t peculiar to the entertainment industry alone. Schools, Banks, Hospitals… these acts are common everywhere. It is totally unfair and wicked.

“Stop taking advantage of people only trying to fulfill their dreams. Have some decency! We must do better!”

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