Nigerian dancer, and dance instructor, Kafayat Shafau, popularly known as Kaffy, advices women on steps to take in other to curtail the rising case of child molestation.

She bare her mind in respect of recent child molestation allegation against popular Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha.

According to kaffy, taking action begins with standing up for what is right and putting parameters in place at home and not waiting until they are “caught on camera.” She also stressed on the place of prayers and being focus on the positive side of things.

As a citizen, a woman, a mother, I am begging we need to guard up and take actions. We cannot be timid or worry about how we would be perceived. We need to protect the future at all cost or else there would be no future for when you become frail, she says.

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Kaffy and family

“I have always mentioned that the way forward for us in this nation starts in the HOME. In fact, before the making of a home, the marriages themselves and it’s not only married people that provide a home for children, like @princesscomedian so many amazing people are out there helping to raise tomorrow’s leaders and members of this nation”.

“We need to stand up for what right and start is putting a lot of parameters in place at home. I was a victim of child molestation too (I was lucky to escape on both occasions) and so many people I know have been through this. It’s become a norm to tell these stories. We can’t wait till they are “caught on camera”.

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“We can’t afford to relent in prayers, we must start focused on the positive side of things, evil can never prevail, for every calamity there is victory.

“We need mass therapy in this nation! Our mental health is critical at this point. Too many bad news everywhere.

People are dying alive! 😢

“We have identified a lot of our problems let’s start fixing our FOCUS on solutions and STAND TOGETHER.”

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