Pictures of Dorathy Tirnom Yohanna, one of the three Greenfield University students, Kaduna killed today by bandits surfaces online.

Dorathy and two out of the twenty abducted students were killed by their abductees three days after their abduction. The 20-year-Dorathy Tirnom Yohanna who celebrated her birthday on the 15th of April,2021 was killed alongside two others by their abductors.

She last posted on facebook on 15th of this month wich happens to be her birth days and 8 days after she is no more.

The killings of te 3 greenfield University student while 17 others remains in captivity further confirmed the new trend of attack of citadel of learning in Northern Nigeria

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In multiple tweets to Tolu Ogunlesi, Yamai wrote: “Hi @toluogunlesi.. “My sister-in-law was among the 3 dead students found today from Greenfield University. We are all trying to unpack our feelings. People’s children have become sports for bandits & kidnappers. I know you get a lot of stick on here… “Where do we go from here Tolu? Do we worry about tomorrow? Do we believe in a fair, just and righteous God?

My mother-in-law hasn’t eaten or showered in 3 days since her daughter, whom she saw on Monday, got kidnapped & this death was the answer to her prayers. “You’re not the president, I know, but please talk to your boss. The evil we do or our negligence surely does come around one way or the other. That’s the circle of life. Do something!! Bless you!!”.

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Yamai then identified her: Her name is DORATHY TIRNOM YOHANNA …and she died by a plague created by an uncaring government.

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