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Rare tornadoes hit southern China,10 feared killed,232 injured

by Totori News

Two tornadoes that struck central and eastern China killed at least 10 people and injured more than 200, authorities said Saturday.

Violent winds of more than 100 kilometres per hour (60 miles per hour) blasted the central city of Wuhan on Friday night.

Ten people died and more than 232 were injured, authorities said, adding that around 30 homes had collapsed.

Vehicles were crushed by falling objects, trees uprooted, buildings partially destroyed and electricity pylons felled, leaving more than 26,000 homes without power.

The gale damaged two construction cranes, one of which toppled onto the site below, causing significant damage.

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In Suzhou, near Shanghai, another tornado with winds of more than 200 kilometres per hour wreaked havoc.

Four people were killed and one remains missing, according to local authorities.

Images shared on social media showed a black whirlwind that left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Earlier in May, a windstorm caused the deaths of 11 people in a different town also close to Shanghai.

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