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People are always quick to say having money is much more important than having a degree. And, that after about 23 Ph.D. holders applied to Dangote’s company as truck drivers. This is a gross misconception. And, it has to be rightly put.


My apologies for shouting though but it’s paining me!

People do not go to school with the sole aim of making money or becoming wealthy.
People go to school for enlightenment and self-reliance. Education transcends beyond wealth. A degree is awarded in character and learning.

It goes beyond reading books and passing examinations. Education reflects in your character and arm you with the needed skills to live autonomously and successfully.

And that is why an average educated person does not behave like a motor park boy/girl even if we have a few exceptions. The ones that passed through school and did not allow the school to pass through them.

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Education gives you the ability to ‘own’ your life and add a touch of excellence to whatever venture/business you choose to delve into.

Don’t tell me machines are taking over jobs on a daily basis.
Who wrote the codes behind the ‘workings’ of those machines??
Codes are written in languages, and to write codes you need sound education.
I am a newbie developer and I can tell you for free that you need to be vast in knowledge to write codes.

Any society where the number of illiterates outnumbers the educated is doomed.

How do you sit down and study a business model if you’re not educated?
Just how?
How do you peruse your financials?
Let’s not even talk about policies

The success of businesses owned by uneducated people is in the hands of EDUCATED consultants & staff. Yet you talk down on education ??🤷🏾‍♀️

‘The day they withdraw from your business it collapses .

When your business has legal needs you consult an EDUCATED LAWYER.
You visit the hospital for a medical checkup and you meet with an EDUCATED DOCTOR.

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Wealth is not synonymous with relevance. Society is just making it feel so to console a few people. There’s such a thing as ‘money miss road’.

Look at my mama Dr. Okonji Iweala nau 😊 We recently agreed that all Nigerians should add her name to our CV. As per I’m from Nigeria same as Ngozi Okonji Iweala. That’s relevant!

Illiteracy wouldn’t give you that.

Do not console yourself with the saying that ‘an uneducated wealthy man is better than a poor educated man.

Who told you that lie??
And why did you believe it??
Success is relative and the measurement parameters are different.

By all means, go to school, get a degree.
Go to school again get a postgraduate degree.
Go for professional courses.
Learn, study, read books until you take your last breathe.

There’s no virtue in being ignorant.


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Basic education is compulsory.