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Security chiefs are now supervising mass killings- Pastor Enenche.

by Totori News

Pastor Paul Enenche, a well-known gospel preacher, has condemned the wave of killings and general insecurity in the country, claiming that security chiefs are now supervising mass killings and insecurity in the country.

Worried about the recent spate of violent attacks in various parts of the country, Enenche accused the country’s leadership of complacency in the face of worsening insecurity during a prayer session in his church.

The cleric warned those in authority in a viral video on Facebook monitored by our Correspondent in Abia to stop the flow of blood in the land or face God’s wrath.

The cleric lamented the country’s inability to stem the tide of disturbing insecurity in Nigeria, declaring that the country is infested with weak and inept leadership.

The cleric, who was enraged by the casualty figures of attacks by bandits, kidnappers, terrorists, and unknown gunmen in various parts of the country, challenged the country’s leadership to rise to the occasion.

His words: ” Enough is enough! We have modern technologies that can locate kidnapping cells in the forest under 24 hours.

” We have Leaders who are supervising killings. Chief of nothing! What Nigeria is suffering from is leadership disaster, not a natural disaster.” He regretted that Nigeria is a country blessed with abundant human and material resources but bedevilled by inept and weak leadership.

“If somebody is watching and blood is flowing and he has the capacity to stop it but fails, it’s either he is a killer or collaborates with killers.

“What is happening in Nigeria is completely unacceptable. It appears as if those we refer to as Chief security officers have become Chief Insecurity officers that are doing nothing but supervising massive Insecurity.

” We have those priding themselves as Chief this, Chief that but Chief nothing! They have become Chief Insecurity officers.

” Where are those that can make kidnapping stop within seven days if they want? ” We are in a country with heartless leaders; we have leaderless leaders, leaders with zero leadership quality.

” It appears what we have is people in positions of authority doing nothing but overseeing insecurity and mass killings”, he fumed. Quoting John Maxwell, the cleric said:” Everything rises and falls with leadership”.

” Is it by force to rule? If you can’t rule well can’t you resign?

” If we wait for those in authority everybody may die of calamity. The land is soaked with the blood of the innocent!”

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