I attended an event during the weekend. The master of ceremony otherwise known as the MC was talented and good in his craft yet my emotions wasn’t bought. It was clear to me afresh that Talent is quite different from salesmanship.

The young man looked unkept, appeared like he was out for manual labor. Forgive my vulgarity; I couldn’t bear standing close to him when I was called upon for a function regarding the event.

This was because of the stench that came from him. And like I have always said “Body odor dey run belle” trust me I don’t say it hypothetically, I actually mean it, it makes me purge. The young man also had no filter in his speech causing him to insult people in the name of comedy.

Now, what am I saying?

He was talented but lacked the ability to sell himself. A good salesman is one who is able to sell himself first before selling his craft. This goes with one’s ability to present themselves properly to make their case conformable to any audience within their disposal. We all had a good laugh but a good salesman would envisage what comes next after the laugh.

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While he concluded, he knelt down and asked forgiveness from the audience if he stepped on toes while performing his duty. Firstly that is the height of unprofessionalism, it showed he acts before he thinks.

while on his knees, he told the audience he’s available should they need to hire an MC for any event and called his number out for them. Now that’s relatively another error of poor salesmanship in concurrence to the first error depicting unprofessionalism; you don’t start selling yourself after you’ve sold your craft, self presentation should go concurrently with skill.

The way you present yourself is the impression people keep about you and not what you tell them “First Sell yourself with your actions before you do so with your case”.
Using the case study from the event I attended, these are outlined preliminary key points for good salesmanship that doesn’t involve craft or talent.

  • Communication skills( Have a good command of English)
  • Dress properly(Especially on first impression,Your physical appearance may determine if you will be taken seriously or not)
  • Smell nice ( You can’t sell or convince anybody if they can’t wait around to hear you out)
  • Stick to the script (Have everything outlined and practiced…This way you have control over what you say)
  • Emotional intelligence ( Understand your audience,this way you can win them over without setting them off)
  • Be confident (No serious person wants to be associated with a looser so don’t depict yourself to be one and if you are one,then make a bluff of confidence)
  • Adaptability (you must be able to adjust and manage people. Professionalism demands you understand your anger is inconsequential compared to client satisfaction)
  • Finally, separate your tongue from your mouth..(What your tongue has planed to say, make sure your mouth filters it before it says it out).
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As individuals who desire to make a difference in any spectacle or public domain, we must sort to pay attention to details no matter how trivial it may seem.

An Article by Gideon Iko’ojo Joseph

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