It is no secret that Priscilla Okpara, a former beauty queen turned Nollywood star, has recently emerged as one of the leading and most celebrated faces in the Nigerian film industry.

Since making her debut in Love Bane, the movie that catapulted her from daily Nollywood TV films to the big screen and box office hits, she has since appeared in many high-profile film roles, several of which she not only acted in but also wrote, including Fracture, Olaedo The Fisher Girl, Bushman I Love, Stolen Wives, Crosswords, Finding Rays, Three Daughters of Eli, In The Deep, Daydream, Winning Walker, Almost Had You, Suga Suga are all upcoming films from G-worldwide Productions and directed by Richards Omos Iboyi.

When asked what made her think of Suga Suga, she revealed that “The concept for the film comes from her imagination, and she plans to use it to educate others about the power of repentance and reconciliation in marriage.” The Imo State native reveals that she has a number of projects in the works, including the highly awaited Silent Baron, an NDLEA novel, and an Ekwe Nche production directed by Richards Omos Iboyi. Actress Priscilla Okpara is currently planning for another major one, Broken Roads, from the stable of SBE film, the makers of “Love Bane,” which was also directed by Richard Omos Iboyi.

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